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American Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2019, 7(2), 24-26
DOI: 10.12691/ajmcr-7-2-3
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Rare Presentation of Salmonella Causing Infective Endocarditis and Mycotic Aortic Aneurysm

Munawwar Hussain1, and Ahmed Khalil1

1Department of Internal Medicine, Conemaugh Health System, Johnstown PA 15905, USA

Pub. Date: February 17, 2019

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Munawwar Hussain and Ahmed Khalil. Rare Presentation of Salmonella Causing Infective Endocarditis and Mycotic Aortic Aneurysm. American Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2019; 7(2):24-26. doi: 10.12691/ajmcr-7-2-3


Salmonella infection in humans can present in different ways: enteric fever (typhoid or paratyphoid), acute gastroenteritis, bacteremia and local infection. Salmonella can cause vascular infection leading to mycotic aortic aneurysm. In case of vascular infection early recognition, debridement of infected tissue, endovascular repair and antibiotic use is corner stone of management. We report a case of 68 year old male who has abdominal aortic pseudoaneurysm with aortic valve infective endocarditis due to salmonella. Patient was successfully treated with tissue debridement, endovascular repair with stent placement and antibiotic use. Mycotic aortic aneurysm of abdominal aorta with aortic valve infective endocarditis due to salmonella has rarely been reported.

salmonella aneurysm infective endocarditis

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