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American Journal of Mathematical Analysis. 2017, 5(1), 12-16
DOI: 10.12691/ajma-5-1-3
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Matehmatical Study of Thermosolutal Convection in Heterogeneous Vscoelastic Fluid in the Presence of Porous Medium

Anil Kumar1,

1Department Applied Sciences (Mathematics), Chandigarh Engineering College Landarn, Mohali, Punjab, India

Pub. Date: March 17, 2017

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Anil Kumar. Matehmatical Study of Thermosolutal Convection in Heterogeneous Vscoelastic Fluid in the Presence of Porous Medium. American Journal of Mathematical Analysis. 2017; 5(1):12-16. doi: 10.12691/ajma-5-1-3


The present paper a thermo-solutal convection in Walters B' heterogeneous visco-elastic fluid through Brinkman permeable effect is investigated. The investigation of thermosolutal convection is proposed by its complexities of double diffusive dissemination and importance of geophysics and nuclear physics. The results are investigation of the oscillatory modes exists under different conditions and non-oscillatory modes are unstable.

Thermosolutal Convection Heterogeneous Walters B’ Viscoelastic Fluid Porous Medium Linear Stability Theory dispersion

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