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American Journal of Mathematical Analysis. 2014, 2(2), 23-27
DOI: 10.12691/ajma-2-2-2
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On Location of Zeros of Polynomials


1Division of Agri. Statistics, Sher-e-Kashmir, University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir, India

Pub. Date: May 25, 2014

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M S PUKHTA. On Location of Zeros of Polynomials. American Journal of Mathematical Analysis. 2014; 2(2):23-27. doi: 10.12691/ajma-2-2-2


If be a polynomial of degree n such that aj=aj+ibj where aj and bj, j = 0, 1, ….., n are real numbers. In this paper we obtain a generalization of well known result of Eneström -Kakeya concerning the bounds for the moduli of the zeros of polynomials with complex coefficients which improve upon some results due to A. Aziz and Q.G Mohammad and others.

complex polynomials zeros Eneström – Kakeya Theorem

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