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American Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 2018, 6(2), 72-76
DOI: 10.12691/ajeee-6-2-4
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Design of Standalone PV System for a Typical Modern Average Home in Shewa Robit Town-Ethiopia

Mikias Hailu Kebede1,

1Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Debre Berhan University, Debre Berhan, Ethiopia

Pub. Date: June 05, 2018

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Mikias Hailu Kebede. Design of Standalone PV System for a Typical Modern Average Home in Shewa Robit Town-Ethiopia. American Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 2018; 6(2):72-76. doi: 10.12691/ajeee-6-2-4


In this paper a standalone PV system for the electrification of a typical modern average home in Shewa Robit (Longitude and Latitude of 10°00′N, 39°54′E respectively with an elevation of 1280 meters above sea level) that can meet the electricity power demand successfully has been designed. So as to know the daily energy consumption, load estimation has been done by considering the floor plan of the home and the daily power consumption and energy demand of the house at peak hour were found to be 5.048kW/day and 11.619kWh/day respectively. The design result shows that a typical modern average home in Shewa Robit can be electrified by using sixteen sm-130 PV modules, six 6E120-13, 12V, 808Ah batteries, one 3kW inverter, one Schneider (Xantrex) C35, 12/24V charge controller and 20m, 53.5mm2 copper conductor with the total investment cost of $12,960.36 which gives a unit cost of energy (COE) of 0.058 $/kWh.

PV system inverter charge controller sizing strategy load estimation unit energy cost day of autonomy voltage drop index

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