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American Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 2013, 1(3), 46-51
DOI: 10.12691/ajeee-1-3-3
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Video De-Noising Using Fuzzy Technique

Harneet Kaur1, and Neeru Singla1

1Electronics & Communication, R.I.E.I.T Railmajra, SBS Nagar, India

Pub. Date: October 24, 2013

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Harneet Kaur and Neeru Singla. Video De-Noising Using Fuzzy Technique. American Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 2013; 1(3):46-51. doi: 10.12691/ajeee-1-3-3


The recent advances in representations of video have achieved outstanding de-noising results, but removing real, structured noise in digital videos remains a challenging problem. In video de-noising the goal of proposed algorithm is to achieve an efficient, adaptive and high-quality video de-noising algorithm. In video and television, noise refers to the random dot pattern that is superimposed on the image as a result of electronic noise. Images taken with both digital cameras and conventional cameras will pick up noise from a variety of sources. This paper deals with performance comparison of Median and Wiener Filters in video de-noising for Gaussian noise and Salt & Pepper noise. Several examples were conducted to evaluate the performance of the median filter and wiener filter on Gaussian noise and salt and pepper noise.

frames salt & pepper noise Gaussian noise wiener filter median filter

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