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American Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 2020, 8(2), 43-50
DOI: 10.12691/ajeee-8-2-1
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Quantum Science and Quantum Technology: Progress and Challenges

Lidong Wang1, and Cheryl Ann Alexander2

1Institute for Systems Engineering Research, Mississippi State University, Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA

2Institute for IT innovation and Smart Health, Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA

Pub. Date: March 27, 2020

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Lidong Wang and Cheryl Ann Alexander. Quantum Science and Quantum Technology: Progress and Challenges. American Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 2020; 8(2):43-50. doi: 10.12691/ajeee-8-2-1


Quantum computing has the potential to offer new capabilities and quantum computers will achieve breakthroughs in finance, cybersecurity, medical science and healthcare, defense and military missions, etc. Progress in quantum science and quantum technology are introduced in this paper that specifically include quantum computers, quantum devices, quantum processing units (QPU), quantum artificial intelligence (QAI), quantum machine learning (QML), quantum cloud computing, quantum network and communication, quantum teleportation, quantum experiment satellite, quantum cryptography, and quantum key distribution (QKD). Some challenges are also presented.

quantum computer quantum processing unit quantum artificial intelligence quantum machine learning quantum cloud computing quantum network quantum communication quantum teleportation quantum experiment satellite quantum key distribution quantum blockchain

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